May 2020 Tech Talk for Courts

It’s May, and Mobility is Blossoming!  Steve Glisky, Vice President, ImageSoft I was out for a walk with my kids the other day, enjoying the Michigan Spring, and thinking to myself how ironic it is that now, when most of us are home more than ever, mobility is blossoming.   Before the Coronavirus pandemic, remote access to case … Continue reading May 2020 Tech Talk for Courts

Bonus Episode: “Justice Knows No Quarantine” as a Podcast

"We can't let perfection get in the way of a good system," said Scott Bade, ImageSoft President and Product Visionary. "Today, we need to look for easy wins that move data forward, even if, for the time being, the method isn't as integrated, end-to-end or wholesome as we'd like it to be."  This sentiment from Scott is a soundbite … Continue reading Bonus Episode: “Justice Knows No Quarantine” as a Podcast

Episode 019: Connecting the Court at NACM’s Annual Conference

The National Association for Court Management's (NACM) annual conference is one of the most-anticipated events each year for the justice community...and this year, we have an all-star team on stage discussing court technology! Listen in on this lively conversation between Brad Smith, ImageSoft's senior justice consultant; Ben Martin of Mentis Technology Solutions; and Dan Willis, Trial Court Administrator … Continue reading Episode 019: Connecting the Court at NACM’s Annual Conference

Imagine – Part 1

By Jeff Barlow, Justice Consultant, ImageSoft Part One: Mobility as a Service Let's imagine, if you will, a court in the future. Pick your own timeline for the advent of each of the futuristic "advances" proposed below. Every one of them is already under way. Granted, some of them are still in the early prototype … Continue reading Imagine – Part 1

Thinking Digitally

It takes all types to make a world, so perhaps there are people who actually appreciate and/or read the popups that read something like "By checking this box I acknowledge I have read and agree to the User Agreement..." [consisting of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual pages of indecipherable gobbeldy-gook]. Of course, in order … Continue reading Thinking Digitally

Who’s Got the Kurzweil?

For those who do not know of Ray Kurzweil, I can only encourage you in the strongest possible terms to look up information about him.  A good starting point is his (extremely understated) career summary.   Far more extensive and interesting is the entry in Wikipedia.[ii]  With no room in this blog to go into any … Continue reading Who’s Got the Kurzweil?