Bonus Episode: “Justice Knows No Quarantine” as a Podcast

"We can't let perfection get in the way of a good system," said Scott Bade, ImageSoft President and Product Visionary. "Today, we need to look for easy wins that move data forward, even if, for the time being, the method isn't as integrated, end-to-end or wholesome as we'd like it to be."  This sentiment from Scott is a soundbite … Continue reading Bonus Episode: “Justice Knows No Quarantine” as a Podcast

April 2020 Tech Talk for Courts

Hello from the Hawk’s nest!  Dave Hawkins, ImageSoft CEO This has always been my affectionate reference to my home, maybe even more so now that ‘home’ has taken on some unusual connotations in today’s world. What used to be a place solely of solitude, rest and family now doubles as home offices, classrooms and, as … Continue reading April 2020 Tech Talk for Courts

Episode 007: How eCourts Inspired Us

eCourts is the can’t-miss event for the justice community, and the ImageSoft team has been a regular attendee for years. So what made eCourts 2018 particularly exciting? In this episode, ImageSoft President Scott Bade talks about the hot-button topics that were the talk of the conference, from the Component Model and online dispute resolution (ODR), … Continue reading Episode 007: How eCourts Inspired Us

Episode 002: All About the Component Model

If you work in the court space, this episode is for you. We’re talking the olden days of court operations (meaning last year), where court operations are headed (hint: it’s the component model) and the critical need for a trusted technology partner to walk you through it all.

eCourts Uncovered: The 2018 Edition

If you follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly seen (and, hopefully, ‘Liked’!) a lot of hype about a little something called eCourts. We even published an eCourts blog about it being “the most wonderful time of the year,” and we stand by that. P.S., if you need to brush up on what … Continue reading eCourts Uncovered: The 2018 Edition

The Component Model and Going Beyond eFiling

By: Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft, Inc. The Court Technology Conference in Salt Lake City last month went far beyond all of our expectations. We were kept busy networking with court staff members, doing live demos and sharing our experiences. Thanks for stopping by our booth and attending our two major presentations. The Component Model … Continue reading The Component Model and Going Beyond eFiling

e-Courts 2016 Quick Review

e-Courts 2016 is "in the books", as they say. My understanding is that video of the sessions is or will soon be available online. Check the e-Courts 2016 website for information. I strongly suggest viewing those sessions in which you have an interest when they become available. Starting with Gary Marchant's Keynote, attendees confronted the … Continue reading e-Courts 2016 Quick Review