Sneak Preview: A Sequel to The Law Enforcement Agency Portal

*insert dramatic music* Records management system (RMS) integrations. Highly secure Microsoft Azure hosting. App Customization. All this and more – coming soon to a justice community near you. “LEAP-ing” Into the Future of Law Enforcement Communication Over the past year, our product development team has been quietly working behind-the-scenes to modernize ImageSoft’s Law Enforcement Agency … Continue reading Sneak Preview: A Sequel to The Law Enforcement Agency Portal

Building from the Ground Up

By Jeffrey N. Barlow I am currently reading the biography of Steve Jobs. Without drawing too close an analogy, Jobs's intense focus on the "user experience," and how to make it "insanely great" should resonate with the Justice community as it seeks tools to automate the planning, delivery, and archiving of services. The story of … Continue reading Building from the Ground Up

e-Courts 2016 Quick Review

e-Courts 2016 is "in the books", as they say. My understanding is that video of the sessions is or will soon be available online. Check the e-Courts 2016 website for information. I strongly suggest viewing those sessions in which you have an interest when they become available. Starting with Gary Marchant's Keynote, attendees confronted the … Continue reading e-Courts 2016 Quick Review

Countdown to e-Courts 2016

I'm looking forward to e-Courts 2016 in a couple of weeks; and not just because it's in Las Vegas and likely to be sunnier and warmer than the December cold and gray at home. e-Courts and CTC conferences stand well on their own in that they are rich in information, networking and exposure to the … Continue reading Countdown to e-Courts 2016

Bippity Boppity Boo – ECM, Workflow, and Magic

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable for magic." Arthur C. Clarke Walt Disney was a man way ahead of his time. Yes, long before anyone coined the term, ole' Walt managed to embed a major plug for advanced Electronic Content Management with configurable workflow into his 1959 classic, Sleeping Beauty. This feat was remarkable, even … Continue reading Bippity Boppity Boo – ECM, Workflow, and Magic

Cloud Gazing

A couple years ago I wrote about how I thought attitudes concerning storing critical enterprise data in "The Cloud" would have evolved five years hence. Bottom line: The prediction was that by 2019, best practices will require that information of any criticality, confidentiality, or sensitivity be stored in The Cloud, because that will be far … Continue reading Cloud Gazing


One of the interesting factoids about progress is that in the nineteenth century, ninety-seven percent of the population was engaged in producing and distributing food for everybody.  By the mid-twentieth century, the figure was down around three percent.  Note that the population during that time had more than quadrupled.   However you look at it, an … Continue reading Progress

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball, Part Three: Waving Goodbye to Documents

In a recent post I set forth some predictions of the longer-term consequences of moving to paper on demand, I posted that in the future, "Courts will handle only a small fraction of the number of documents they do today." Here's why. The first stage of implementing a paper-on-demand justice system involves the very profound … Continue reading Gazing Into the Crystal Ball, Part Three: Waving Goodbye to Documents

How eFiling Improves Access to Justice

A lot of attention gets (quite properly) focused on "Access to Justice", and the various barriers – physical, social, economic, cultural, and so on – that inhibit people's ability to appropriately use the justice system. Of these, one major barrier has always been cost—particularly, the cost of quality legal representation. "Everyone knows" that e-filing can … Continue reading How eFiling Improves Access to Justice