CommunityLIVE 2017

By: Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft, Inc. The recent tragedy has the nation thinking about Las Vegas and how a community is brought together. Our thoughts are with the residents and visitors of Las Vegas. Two weeks ago , we were joined by thousands of OnBase professionals, administrators and business leaders for Hyland’s annual CommunityLIVE conference … Continue reading CommunityLIVE 2017

Give a Mouse a Cookie…

Most parents know the story; and every parent knows the principle: "Give a mouse a cookie, and he's sure to want a glass of milk.”  Never satisfied -- get one treat and look to leverage it into more.  My kids excelled at it. Well, I just came across a great example from none other than … Continue reading Give a Mouse a Cookie…

HELP WANTED: Securing a Champion for Your Court IT Initiative

I always say that I don't object to a fight; I just object to a fair fight.  If I have to be in a fight, I want the big kid on my side. At last June's ImageSoft Government Summit, several speakers from courts that had gone through successful implementations of Electronic Content Management systems pointed … Continue reading HELP WANTED: Securing a Champion for Your Court IT Initiative

What the Heck IS ECM?

In elementary school, my daughter had to write about our family. She had little trouble explaining what her mom did: "My Mom is a Legal Secretary." I presented a bit more of a problem, to say the least. She wrote, "I'm not sure what my Dad does, but he works with computers. He used to … Continue reading What the Heck IS ECM?