The Socially Distant #ImageSoftLife

Hey, friends! For those of you who follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, you know we take our commitment to fun very seriously. But, just like everyone else, #ImageSoftLife has looked quite different since practicing social distance. For 25 years, we’ve been razzing one another with playful banter across the office, swapping family pictures with … Continue reading The Socially Distant #ImageSoftLife

The Decade Challenge: ImageSoft Style

Authored by Dave Hawkins, ImageSoft CEO  As we countdown to 2020, social media is aglow with people posting pictures of what they looked like a decade ago. When I think of where ImageSoft was in 2009, we’ve certainly come a long way. It was around that time that our President, Scott Bade, had the visionary … Continue reading The Decade Challenge: ImageSoft Style

Interning with ImageSoft – The Cristo Rey Experience

Do you remember your first internship, or first experience in a professional environment?   Just thinking back on that day probably invokes some anxious feelings – you had no idea what or where you were walking into. Now imagine that experience as your 14-year-old self! Most high school students, especially freshmen, aren’t thinking beyond their day-to-day … Continue reading Interning with ImageSoft – The Cristo Rey Experience

More Than Remote-ly Connected

Even the most distant follower of our quick-witted blogs, punchy podcasts or sometimes sassy social media know that life at ImageSoft is everything but average. Through all these channels, in our meetings and during customer visits, our colleagues are very present – comfortable with one another and happy to engage in conversation, those of both … Continue reading More Than Remote-ly Connected

If You Give a Software Company a Branch Cutter

If you say “solution” within an ear’s reach of ImageSoft staff, you will make a lot of friends almost instantly and can guarantee none of them will fall short of conversation about solutions of every kind. But, for the third consecutive year, the ImageSoft family has (not gracefully) traded in their computers for branch cutters … Continue reading If You Give a Software Company a Branch Cutter