Episode 033: Clark Public Utilities “Sheds Light” on Successful Implementation

If you, like Clark Public Utilities (CPU), are a little jittery about implementation – congratulations! You're normal. Despite a few apprehensions, CPU faced its fears head on and took an active role in its organization's digital transformation. Today, illuminating a paperless "workflow glow," CPU has gone down in our books as one of our most … Continue reading Episode 033: Clark Public Utilities “Sheds Light” on Successful Implementation

Episode 027: Better Claims Processing for Insurance

The Business Process Framework can be used to analyze any business process to identify productivity gains through technology. For a complex process such as insurance claims, insurers can gain a lot from applying this Framework and bring the claims process under control. Check out this episode!

Continuing the “Magic”

The magic quadrant, that is.   When you’ve been in partnership with another organization for more than 20 years, it’s reasonable to assume you know a lot about each other. You grow to expect certain things, like private Third Eye Blind performances at customer events and presentations around Swiss Army Knives.   And then there are things … Continue reading Continuing the “Magic”

30 Miles of CommunityLIVE

Authored by Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft  CommunityLIVE 2019, Hyland’s annual user conference, is in the books. My three days there accumulated about 30 miles of walking, including going outdoors in perfect weather to attend keynote sessions in the historic Cleveland Auditorium. No wonder my legs hurt so much after the conference. But I digress.  … Continue reading 30 Miles of CommunityLIVE

ImageSoft saddles up for CommunityLIVE 2018 in Nashville!

By: Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft Have you heard about CommunityLIVE? If so, you’re as excited as I am. If not, you will be! CommunityLIVE is a conference that Hyland Software hosts every year for both users and their partners who resell OnBase. I know I speak for many when I say I am super … Continue reading ImageSoft saddles up for CommunityLIVE 2018 in Nashville!

CommunityLIVE 2017

By: Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft, Inc. The recent tragedy has the nation thinking about Las Vegas and how a community is brought together. Our thoughts are with the residents and visitors of Las Vegas. Two weeks ago , we were joined by thousands of OnBase professionals, administrators and business leaders for Hyland’s annual CommunityLIVE conference … Continue reading CommunityLIVE 2017