Paperless Office Progress Actually Observed

As a kid at the beach, I became aware, at some point, that although the rising tide can and will come in and soak previously dry ground, it's usually pretty hard to tell exactly when the tide changes and starts receding. In fact, it seemed to me that the tide level just sort of stayed … Continue reading Paperless Office Progress Actually Observed

Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

I am STILL surprised when I hear that some judges question whether eSignatures can be as trustworthy as "wet-ink" signatures. In law school I somehow missed the course that conferred "expert handwriting analyst" status; but maybe that was just one of my many oversights. I mean, really? Leave aside all other arguments: How many people … Continue reading Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

Why Manual Paper Processes in Courts are the Equivalent of a Bad Hair Day

Being follicly challenged (at least on my scalp), I think hair is overrated. Thus I have a limited amount of sympathy when I hear complaints about bad hair days. I like to think I’m not vain. And in that vein (no pun intended), I’m no fashion hound and am usually not critical of the appearance … Continue reading Why Manual Paper Processes in Courts are the Equivalent of a Bad Hair Day

In Praise of Signatures

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I have been a vocal advocate of electronic signatures for a long time; and I will not now unsay a word of my advocacy.  Most statutes, rules and orders are silent or very broad as to HOW an electronic signature must be appended and represented on court documents; and many, if … Continue reading In Praise of Signatures


Recent headlines concerning inmates who escaped jail using forged documents caused me to look back to my first blog entitled A Judge's Secret Fear of Electronic Signatures. In it I quoted a senior, highly respected judge expressing his concern about the security of eSignature.  He said, in part,  “My concern then and now is with … Continue reading Irony

After the Dust Settles

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of courts that have been working with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for several years.  It is always interesting and informative to see how any new system, and particularly one that involves major paradigm shifts, is working after the "shakedown" phase has passed and the bloom is … Continue reading After the Dust Settles

Inside the Department of Redundancy Department: The Waste of Over Processing

Note:  This blog – the sixth installment in a series on the “Seven Wastes of Muda” as they relate to court document management – deals with the first “O” in TIM WOOD: Over Processing. For a lot of folks "Over Processing" just does not have the same level of intuitively obvious wastefulness as most of … Continue reading Inside the Department of Redundancy Department: The Waste of Over Processing

The Jevons Paradox

What?  You never heard of the Jevons Paradox?  Well, I expect that, given the current debate regarding the price of gas, you likely will even if economics is not your leisure reading subject of choice.   The Jevons Paradox, described by 19th century economist William Stanley Jevons (1835-1892), contends that improvements in fuel efficiency (then coal) … Continue reading The Jevons Paradox