The Gist of IJIS

Like all industries, the court space is no stranger to organizations marked by confusing acronyms that most people don’t recognize or are even sure how to pronounce. Because so many readers found nuggets (or should we say “cookies”) of wisdom from our “C is for CJIS” deconstruction, we thought we would spell out another version … Continue reading The Gist of IJIS

The Back End of eFiling

Make no mistake: I have been an avid proponent of eFiling for decades. In fact, my enthusiasm for eFiling and mandatory eFiling at that, predated eFiling's actual readiness for prime time by more than a few years. It would be a total mistake to take anything I say here as a criticism of eFiling. With … Continue reading The Back End of eFiling

Court Document Retention

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say, up front, that I believe both ends of the Court Document Retention discussion will be laid to rest and ultimately forgotten over the next five to 10 years, if not sooner. By "both ends" I mean, first, the question of "In what medium (paper, microfiche, or … Continue reading Court Document Retention

TIM WOOD: T is for Transportation

Note:  This blog is the first in a series on the “Seven Wastes of Muda”.  A favorite exercise to test your memory is to recite the names of Snow White's Seven Dwarves: You know, Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, ... ah; well; you know them, right?  (I can usually get five or six of them.)  How about … Continue reading TIM WOOD: T is for Transportation