The Evolution of the Workplace

Authored by Kevin Ledgister, ImageSoft’s Marketing Manager When September 11, 2001 occurred and all flights were grounded, it caused the banking world, still dependent on flying checks around the country to settle accounts, an ulcer. Of course, there had been some prior discussions in regard to sending electronic images, but this fateful day expedited those … Continue reading The Evolution of the Workplace

7 Reasons Why ECM Is the Answer for Insurers – Part 7

We’ve come to the end of our 7-part series for insurers about ECM   In this blog series, we’re looking at how enterprise content management brings modern technology to the insurance industry to streamline:   Content capture  Business process management (BPM) or workflow engine   Case management  Content management Integration with existing systems Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS)  Mobile access  Part 7: Optimizing … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why ECM Is the Answer for Insurers – Part 7

Continuing the “Magic”

The magic quadrant, that is.   When you’ve been in partnership with another organization for more than 20 years, it’s reasonable to assume you know a lot about each other. You grow to expect certain things, like private Third Eye Blind performances at customer events and presentations around Swiss Army Knives.   And then there are things … Continue reading Continuing the “Magic”

7 Reasons Why ECM Is the Answer for Insurers – Part 2

We’re diving deep into the question of why insurers should consider enterprise content management or ECM. Mostly the answer is because existing legacy systems are outdated and inefficient, are vulnerable to security breaches and because a modern ECM system streamlines insurance processes while saving costs. Even modern core systems sometimes lack the business process and … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why ECM Is the Answer for Insurers – Part 2

7 Reasons Why ECM Is the Answer for Insurers – Part 1

Insurers may be asking, why should we consider Enterprise Content Management (ECM) when we already have an (albeit old and patched and inefficient and unsecured and siloed, and, and, and) imaging system or a document management system (from the 90s)? We’ll answer that question in our 7-part series: 7 Reasons Why ECM is the Answer … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why ECM Is the Answer for Insurers – Part 1

Jeopardy Abbreviations for Insurers

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Jeopardy game show, let’s play the category of Abbreviations for Insurers. Me: Let’s start with Abbreviations for Insurers for $200, Alex. Alex: The answer is: ECM Me: What is Enterprise Content Management? Insurers were among the early adopters of imaging and related software, but today many of those … Continue reading Jeopardy Abbreviations for Insurers

Weathering Shallow Roots

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a woodsy path, you’ve probably been over towered by some pretty time-worn trees. And if you’ve endured a heavy wind storm, you’ve probably seen some neighbors’ trees come towering down. So why is it that certain trees can weather years’ worth of wind, storms and other natural disturbances … Continue reading Weathering Shallow Roots

For Insurance Companies, These 5 Truths are Self-Evident

With President’s Day coming up, we’re stealing Thomas Jefferson’s words from the Declaration of Independence about self-evident truths. The truth is, insurance companies must upgrade their systems to take advantage of technology advances to eliminate paper once and for all. Customers are looking for an “Amazon-like” experience as manual, or outdated, processes are inefficient and … Continue reading For Insurance Companies, These 5 Truths are Self-Evident

Thoughts of a Circuit Court Clerk

We’re excited to share this heart-felt guest blog courtesy of our friend and client Paul Ferguson, Clerk of the Circuit Court in Arlington, VA. When the Arlington Circuit Court decided to move from paper to electronic files in 2011, our first step was finding a technology partner that listened to our goals, could help us … Continue reading Thoughts of a Circuit Court Clerk