It’s 2020 and Pagers Don’t Text

Initially, this blog was going to be opened by quoting the numerous dry-humored 2020 internet memes floating about, such as “We are not Barbara Walters, but this is 2020,” but we figured that’s too expected of us. You’re welcome.  In all truthfulness, though, it is the year 2020. Sounds like the Jetsons should be flying … Continue reading It’s 2020 and Pagers Don’t Text

The Jevons Paradox

What?  You never heard of the Jevons Paradox?  Well, I expect that, given the current debate regarding the price of gas, you likely will even if economics is not your leisure reading subject of choice.   The Jevons Paradox, described by 19th century economist William Stanley Jevons (1835-1892), contends that improvements in fuel efficiency (then coal) … Continue reading The Jevons Paradox