Irony (Part Two)

As information continues to emerge on the use of forged documents to affect prison escapes in Florida, it now appears that a well-designed e-signature implementation would have made the scheme considerably more improbable. The method, it seems, involved filing high-quality forgeries of paper motions and orders.  Judicial signatures were forged on the paper documents. In … Continue reading Irony (Part Two)

Fractals, Chaos Theory, and the Courts

The first time I ever heard of "fractals" was when the Manager of Programming arrived at a  meeting wearing a tee shirt with an incredible design (not the one at left; but equally colorful and cool).  I asked what it was, and he said, "A fractal".  When I asked him what that meant, he said, … Continue reading Fractals, Chaos Theory, and the Courts

Remembering Norma

I continue to be amazed that a substantial amount of court resistance to migration to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) boils down to the sense that electronic files and documents just cannot be as safe as paper documents.  Security should be a primary concern, yet as I have consistently stressed (see my white paper, "Legal Considerations … Continue reading Remembering Norma