February 2020 Tech Talk for Courts

How about those Kansas City Chiefs?   Steve Glisky, ImageSoft Regardless of which team had your vote, the Chiefs and the 49ers played a pretty strong game. I think we can all agree that the transformation in the game’s last 10 minutes, however, was the hallmark of Superbowl 2020. Watching players, all with different strengths, strategize and … Continue reading February 2020 Tech Talk for Courts

To Wade In Or Jump?

"Big Bang" Or "Staged" Change and the "Open" Versus "Closed" Technology Ecosystem Everyone who has ever approached a cool lake, stream, surf, or pool knows the conundrum: Enter the water slowly to get acclimated; or take the plunge and endure the shock. Is there a "correct" answer? Maybe; but the truth is, there are disadvantages … Continue reading To Wade In Or Jump?

Hacking Outside the Box

I think it was Arnold Palmer who remarked that beginners often find golf easy because they haven't had time to learn how hard it is. That's essentially the sentiment that drives the "Hackathon" mentality. At e-Courts 2016 last month, the Court Hackathon sessions were among the most interesting and the most eye-opening. I didn't know, … Continue reading Hacking Outside the Box

Notes from NACM

Best line of last month’s National Association of Court Managers (NACM) Mid-Year Conference in Savannah, coming late on the last day, as everyone with return flight connections through Savannah or Charlotte (essentially, everyone who wasn't from Savannah) remained riveted to their flight status updates on their smartphones, universally finding their flights cancelled: Speaker: "You know … Continue reading Notes from NACM

Channeling Ben Hogan: How eFiling Helps Improve Court Data Entry

One of the classic urban legends of golf goes like this:  An amateur once asked, I believe, Ben Hogan, "How can I increase my percentage of one-putts?"   To which Hogan famously replied, "Hit your approach shot close to the hole." With that broad hint, consider the following trick question: Question: What is the best strategy for … Continue reading Channeling Ben Hogan: How eFiling Helps Improve Court Data Entry

Look At All Those Trees

As TQM (Total Quality Management) guru William Edward Deming famously observed, 85 percent of an organization's dysfunction is caused by its systems, and only 15 percent is caused by the people doing the work.  Yet all too often it’s the trees, not the forest, that catch the eye. A number of years ago, I was … Continue reading Look At All Those Trees

Fractals, Chaos Theory, and the Courts

The first time I ever heard of "fractals" was when the Manager of Programming arrived at a  meeting wearing a tee shirt with an incredible design (not the one at left; but equally colorful and cool).  I asked what it was, and he said, "A fractal".  When I asked him what that meant, he said, … Continue reading Fractals, Chaos Theory, and the Courts

Remembering Norma

I continue to be amazed that a substantial amount of court resistance to migration to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) boils down to the sense that electronic files and documents just cannot be as safe as paper documents.  Security should be a primary concern, yet as I have consistently stressed (see my white paper, "Legal Considerations … Continue reading Remembering Norma