Jeopardy Abbreviations for Insurers

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Jeopardy game show, let’s play the category of Abbreviations for Insurers. Me: Let’s start with Abbreviations for Insurers for $200, Alex. Alex: The answer is: ECM Me: What is Enterprise Content Management? Insurers were among the early adopters of imaging and related software, but today many of those … Continue reading Jeopardy Abbreviations for Insurers

Workflow – The Life of a Document After Review

This is Part 5 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series, check out Part 4. An image I use to describe eFiling without automated workflow is Fred Flintstone's car: it looks automated; but somehow the driver is still doing all the work. From the filer's perspective, once a document is filed, electronically or otherwise, the … Continue reading Workflow – The Life of a Document After Review


One of the interesting factoids about progress is that in the nineteenth century, ninety-seven percent of the population was engaged in producing and distributing food for everybody.  By the mid-twentieth century, the figure was down around three percent.  Note that the population during that time had more than quadrupled.   However you look at it, an … Continue reading Progress