How to Become Paperless?

Authored by Paul Gorman, Account Executive at ImageSoft  In 1997 I was the CIO for a State agency and I implemented my first Document Management System. It was an electronic file cabinet that allowed the agency to store documents about our program recipients in organized folders. This high-tech achievement was made possible by an amazing product called … Continue reading How to Become Paperless?

Weathering Shallow Roots

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a woodsy path, you’ve probably been over towered by some pretty time-worn trees. And if you’ve endured a heavy wind storm, you’ve probably seen some neighbors’ trees come towering down. So why is it that certain trees can weather years’ worth of wind, storms and other natural disturbances … Continue reading Weathering Shallow Roots

Engaging with Our Customer Group in Allendale, MI – And Prizes, Too

One of our major objectives, and frankly, one of the best parts of our workday, is to keep in touch with our customers – those who are using our products every day and who sometimes face unique challenges. Finding innovative solutions to those challenges keeps us on our toes. Any opportunity to bring customers together … Continue reading Engaging with Our Customer Group in Allendale, MI – And Prizes, Too

Why eFiling Alone Isn’t Enough

By Steve Glisky, Government Practice Manager, ImageSoft Courts making the transition from paper document filing to eFiling have taken an important first step in streamlining operations and saving resources. EFiling is a good place to start since it helps satisfy constituent demand for greater online access. EFiling alone, however, typically falls short of achieving one … Continue reading Why eFiling Alone Isn’t Enough

Remembering Norma

I continue to be amazed that a substantial amount of court resistance to migration to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) boils down to the sense that electronic files and documents just cannot be as safe as paper documents.  Security should be a primary concern, yet as I have consistently stressed (see my white paper, "Legal Considerations … Continue reading Remembering Norma