Funding eFiling: Calculating the Cost

This is the conclusion of Part 3 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series. Check out the first half of Part 3 here. Handling of indigents in an eFiling system will be profoundly affected by the chosen funding model. In a fully court-funded model with no user-based fees, it's simple: indigents can be handled the same … Continue reading Funding eFiling: Calculating the Cost

Look At All Those Trees

As TQM (Total Quality Management) guru William Edward Deming famously observed, 85 percent of an organization's dysfunction is caused by its systems, and only 15 percent is caused by the people doing the work.  Yet all too often it’s the trees, not the forest, that catch the eye. A number of years ago, I was … Continue reading Look At All Those Trees


At some time (usually grade school) almost everyone has played the party game where people sit in a circle and whisper a short message that is passed from one person to the next.  The "fun" of the game is that by the time the message makes it around the room, it has invariably morphed beyond … Continue reading Pssst….