Happy Halloween

One of the great motifs of the "Men in Black" movies is the human disguises used by aliens. A perfectly normal looking human turns out to be a sort of robot or exo-skin for some alien inside who is driving the apparatus. The allure of being able to wear a young, buff, fully-coifed humanoid exterior … Continue reading Happy Halloween

Funding eFiling: Calculating the Cost

This is the conclusion of Part 3 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series. Check out the first half of Part 3 here. Handling of indigents in an eFiling system will be profoundly affected by the chosen funding model. In a fully court-funded model with no user-based fees, it's simple: indigents can be handled the same … Continue reading Funding eFiling: Calculating the Cost

Still Want Those Printers? Ask Benjamin the Donkey

"Benjamin the donkey... would say ... that God had given him a tail to keep the flies off, but that he would rather have no tail and no flies." From Animal Farm, by George Orwell A friend complained to me about the succession of problems with her printer. It was when she started telling me … Continue reading Still Want Those Printers? Ask Benjamin the Donkey


Recent headlines concerning inmates who escaped jail using forged documents caused me to look back to my first blog entitled A Judge's Secret Fear of Electronic Signatures. In it I quoted a senior, highly respected judge expressing his concern about the security of eSignature.  He said, in part,  “My concern then and now is with … Continue reading Irony