Data-Centric eFiling

This is Part 6 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series, check out Part 5 here. It's easy to think of the key differentiating feature between traditional, paper document filing and eFiling as relating primarily to the method whereby the document is transported and received. That is, physically in traditional filing, and electronically in eFiling. … Continue reading Data-Centric eFiling

Funding eFiling: Calculating the Cost

This is the conclusion of Part 3 of 10 in the eFiling Blog Series. Check out the first half of Part 3 here. Handling of indigents in an eFiling system will be profoundly affected by the chosen funding model. In a fully court-funded model with no user-based fees, it's simple: indigents can be handled the same … Continue reading Funding eFiling: Calculating the Cost

Armor Up: Electronic Court Tools for Judges

Recently I saw an exhibit of a fully equipped Roman Legionnaire from the early Roman Empire. All that stuff – armor, sword, shield, spear – sure looked heavy. Interesting enough in itself; but later that day, I happened to see a picture of a fully outfitted American soldier in battle gear. And I thought, "Hmmm..." … Continue reading Armor Up: Electronic Court Tools for Judges

A Brief Memo from the Future

Like Billy Pilgrim, in Kurt Vonnegutt's Slaughterhouse Five, I sometimes become "unstuck in time.” So it was that I recently came across an article I wrote in early 2019. Oops, that's five years from now. I really need to clean up my filing system... Still, it did catch my attention, and since it deals with … Continue reading A Brief Memo from the Future

The Fact Is, It’s a Better Record

You know the monkeys are winning when even the dinosaurs start betting on and rooting for them. An interesting debate between those involved in the medical field and those involved in the legal field is over who is more technologically change-averse -- doctors or judges? It's one of those neck-and-neck races in which it's difficult … Continue reading The Fact Is, It’s a Better Record

Missing the Starting Gun

"And then one day you find Ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run; You missed the starting gun." Time, Pink Floyd, from Dark Side of the Moon On hearing the other day of a jurisdiction that is still insisting on "wet signatures" for court documents, I wondered, “What are … Continue reading Missing the Starting Gun

In Praise of Signatures

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I have been a vocal advocate of electronic signatures for a long time; and I will not now unsay a word of my advocacy.  Most statutes, rules and orders are silent or very broad as to HOW an electronic signature must be appended and represented on court documents; and many, if … Continue reading In Praise of Signatures

Court Document Retention

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say, up front, that I believe both ends of the Court Document Retention discussion will be laid to rest and ultimately forgotten over the next five to 10 years, if not sooner. By "both ends" I mean, first, the question of "In what medium (paper, microfiche, or … Continue reading Court Document Retention

Bye, Bye, Blankie

I recently had the privilege of co-presenting a session on Court Document Retention in Michigan with Kevin Bowling, Court Administrator for Ottawa County Circuit Court in Michigan.  I played Sancho Panza to Kevin's Don Quixote.  The windmill against which Kevin has led the charge for years is Michigan's requirement that court documents with a retention … Continue reading Bye, Bye, Blankie