Episode 18: Creating Efficient Customer Correspondence Management and Content Services

Here's a hard truth: Your current methods of creating, distributing, and archiving customer letters or other communications probably include a lot of manual steps with outdated or disconnected systems. Carolyn Kane, senior product evangelist for Hyland, talks us through the many benefits that automated customer correspondence management can bring to your organization. Check out this episode!

Jeopardy Abbreviations for Insurers

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Jeopardy game show, let’s play the category of Abbreviations for Insurers. Me: Let’s start with Abbreviations for Insurers for $200, Alex. Alex: The answer is: ECM Me: What is Enterprise Content Management? Insurers were among the early adopters of imaging and related software, but today many of those … Continue reading Jeopardy Abbreviations for Insurers

Going Beyond your CMS with ECM

Many CMS systems come with some form of a “bucket” that holds documents that can be attached to a case file. These folders of attached case file documents are a great resource when looking at a specific case. However, they leave a lot of the real value contained within and about the documents themselves. An … Continue reading Going Beyond your CMS with ECM