Experience: The Sale of the Century

Near Miami, Florida stands a nine-story, double-chute tower slide that corkscrews adults and children down 93 feet.   Any guesses on where you could “slide” into line for this ride of a lifetime? Hint: it’s not Disney. A recent New York Times article featured the thriving Aventura Mall, home of the nine-story slide, to headline a story about the dying in-person shopping phenomenon.  Almost in the … Continue reading Experience: The Sale of the Century

Why eFiling Alone Isn’t Enough

By Steve Glisky, Government Practice Manager, ImageSoft Courts making the transition from paper document filing to eFiling have taken an important first step in streamlining operations and saving resources. EFiling is a good place to start since it helps satisfy constituent demand for greater online access. EFiling alone, however, typically falls short of achieving one … Continue reading Why eFiling Alone Isn’t Enough