C is for CJIS

And criminal justice. And compliance. Coincidence? Clearly not. Okay, we’re done being clever. After all, criminal justice information services (CJIS) is no joke. An Acronym I Should Know? Do you interact with, manage, or otherwise handle criminal justice information (CJI)? Then “yes!’” CJIS compliance was established and is currently enforced by the FBI. Compliance ensures … Continue reading C is for CJIS

State Statutes Got You Stressed? Go Paperless

By: Steve Glisky, Practice Manager, ImageSoft The criminal justice system holds prosecutors and law enforcement officers to unique statutory responsibilities which, when not honored, can lead to misconduct and disciplinary action. The effort required to ensure these protocols are respected at times take a backseat to the daily grind of pushing stacks of paper files … Continue reading State Statutes Got You Stressed? Go Paperless