Episode 024: Trending Topics at CTC and CommunityLIVE

With topics like artificial intelligence, data governance, automation and digital transformation on the minds of many, the time has never been better to gather together and find new ways to address the challenges and opportunities available to all those who serve in this dynamic industry. Today, ImageSoft Marketing Manager Kevin Ledgister is talking about the hot … Continue reading Episode 024: Trending Topics at CTC and CommunityLIVE

Episode 022: Six Stages of Going Paperless

The path to paperless isn't always easy - which is why a step-by-step plan is crucial to your organization, or you may end up with outdated and siloed legacy systems unable to meet both internal and external demands. ImageSoft's Paul Gorman is taking us through the six main stages that most organizations experience when going paperless … Continue reading Episode 022: Six Stages of Going Paperless

Episode 18: Creating Efficient Customer Correspondence Management and Content Services

Here's a hard truth: Your current methods of creating, distributing, and archiving customer letters or other communications probably include a lot of manual steps with outdated or disconnected systems. Carolyn Kane, senior product evangelist for Hyland, talks us through the many benefits that automated customer correspondence management can bring to your organization. Check out this episode!

Episode 14: Using OnBase for Human Resources

Managing employee growth at a company, along with onboarding and regular employee support, can put quite a strain on its human resources department. How can one department oversee everything from hiring to performance reviews to exit interviews and more, without losing its mind? Listen in as ImageSoft's human resources manager Leanne Eastman and OnBase administrator … Continue reading Episode 14: Using OnBase for Human Resources

Episode 12: All About Velocity 2019

We're gearing up for Velocity 2019! This second annual customer conference, hosted by ImageSoft, is a high-energy mix of success stories, industry trend sharing and a sneak peek at new solutions to help courts, insurance organizations and government agencies more quickly achieve their business goals by adopting paperless processes. Kevin Ledgister, marketing manager for ImageSoft, … Continue reading Episode 12: All About Velocity 2019

Episode 004: Automation We’re Thankful For

Technology has become such a standard part of modern life that sometimes, it can be hard to remember a time without it. Kevin Ledgister, ImageSoft’s Marketing Manager, shares a few real-life examples - including references to a Sean Connery film and a nearly-missed flight - to put into context just how much technology has contributed … Continue reading Episode 004: Automation We’re Thankful For

Episode 1: The Scary Thing About A Paper-Based Office

What scares you? Spiders? Horror films? To us, walking into a paper-dependent office is worse than being pushed into a haunted house. In this episode, we’re talking nightmares-come-to-life when natural disasters, fires, floods and more destroy years' worth of paper records and office know-how, and the scary costs and consequences of recovery and rebuilding.