30 Miles of CommunityLIVE

Authored by Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft  CommunityLIVE 2019, Hyland’s annual user conference, is in the books. My three days there accumulated about 30 miles of walking, including going outdoors in perfect weather to attend keynote sessions in the historic Cleveland Auditorium. No wonder my legs hurt so much after the conference. But I digress.  … Continue reading 30 Miles of CommunityLIVE

More Than Remote-ly Connected

Even the most distant follower of our quick-witted blogs, punchy podcasts or sometimes sassy social media know that life at ImageSoft is everything but average. Through all these channels, in our meetings and during customer visits, our colleagues are very present – comfortable with one another and happy to engage in conversation, those of both … Continue reading More Than Remote-ly Connected

From the Desk of Our CTO

Authored by James Leneschmidt, Chief Technology Officer, ImageSoft One of my family’s favorite vacations was Germany. There was just something so amazing about seeing the castles, the history and the culture. Driving on the Autobahn was also quite the experience compared to our North American highways, but to drive fast requires a tremendous amount of … Continue reading From the Desk of Our CTO

Never Trust a Skinny Chef

At ImageSoft, we eat. A lot! Not only do we host regular lunch and learns catered by our favorite local eateries, we also have a snack bar, snack-stocked cabinets, and a variety of sodas and flavored waters to wash down your snacks. Not to mention that any reason is the perfect reason for an ImageSoft … Continue reading Never Trust a Skinny Chef