The Jevons Paradox

What?  You never heard of the Jevons Paradox?  Well, I expect that, given the current debate regarding the price of gas, you likely will even if economics is not your leisure reading subject of choice.   The Jevons Paradox, described by 19th century economist William Stanley Jevons (1835-1892), contends that improvements in fuel efficiency (then coal) … Continue reading The Jevons Paradox

Remembering Norma

I continue to be amazed that a substantial amount of court resistance to migration to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) boils down to the sense that electronic files and documents just cannot be as safe as paper documents.  Security should be a primary concern, yet as I have consistently stressed (see my white paper, "Legal Considerations … Continue reading Remembering Norma

Time and Space – E-Signatures and the Fourth Dimension

I was in Spokane, Washington earlier this summer to discuss court usage of ECM and Electronic Signature. As it so happens, the hot news there was a recent ruling by a Superior Court judge, striking down the local photo-enforced red light citation program. Now, feelings and opinions run strong on the merits of using photo-enforced … Continue reading Time and Space – E-Signatures and the Fourth Dimension

A Judge’s Secret Fear of Electronic Signatures

I recently accompanied a group of visitors to a court that is in the process of moving to paper–on- demand. Among other things, we observed judges electronically signing judgments. The judges all said that using electronic signature was easy and that they had no difficulty learning to use it. So far, so good. But all … Continue reading A Judge’s Secret Fear of Electronic Signatures