Paperless Office Progress Actually Observed

As a kid at the beach, I became aware, at some point, that although the rising tide can and will come in and soak previously dry ground, it's usually pretty hard to tell exactly when the tide changes and starts receding. In fact, it seemed to me that the tide level just sort of stayed … Continue reading Paperless Office Progress Actually Observed

Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

I am STILL surprised when I hear that some judges question whether eSignatures can be as trustworthy as "wet-ink" signatures. In law school I somehow missed the course that conferred "expert handwriting analyst" status; but maybe that was just one of my many oversights. I mean, really? Leave aside all other arguments: How many people … Continue reading Stalking the Wily Electronic Documents

Missing the Starting Gun

"And then one day you find Ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run; You missed the starting gun." Time, Pink Floyd, from Dark Side of the Moon On hearing the other day of a jurisdiction that is still insisting on "wet signatures" for court documents, I wondered, “What are … Continue reading Missing the Starting Gun

In Praise of Signatures

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I have been a vocal advocate of electronic signatures for a long time; and I will not now unsay a word of my advocacy.  Most statutes, rules and orders are silent or very broad as to HOW an electronic signature must be appended and represented on court documents; and many, if … Continue reading In Praise of Signatures

Irony (Part Two)

As information continues to emerge on the use of forged documents to affect prison escapes in Florida, it now appears that a well-designed e-signature implementation would have made the scheme considerably more improbable. The method, it seems, involved filing high-quality forgeries of paper motions and orders.  Judicial signatures were forged on the paper documents. In … Continue reading Irony (Part Two)


Recent headlines concerning inmates who escaped jail using forged documents caused me to look back to my first blog entitled A Judge's Secret Fear of Electronic Signatures. In it I quoted a senior, highly respected judge expressing his concern about the security of eSignature.  He said, in part,  “My concern then and now is with … Continue reading Irony

Change Your Luck

I like to think of myself as a fairly positive-minded guy.  Still, just like everyone, some days I can identify with Joe Btfsplk (not a misspelling - if you don't get the reference, Google it), the perpetually bad-luck victim with a black cloud over his head from the old comic strip "L'il Abner".     One … Continue reading Change Your Luck

How Paper-On-Demand Can Provide Judges with Documents That Work “Better Than Paper” (Part Four – Electronic Signature)

I conclude my overview of what judges should require from an Electronic Content Management (ECM) interface by considering the functionality judges need to effectively, efficiently, and appropriately sign documents in a timely manner. For reasons covered at length elsewhere , requiring judges to manually affix wet signatures to documents that are otherwise electronically stored and … Continue reading How Paper-On-Demand Can Provide Judges with Documents That Work “Better Than Paper” (Part Four – Electronic Signature)

The Retention Dilemma

"For every complex problem there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong."  H.L. Mencken  One particularly persistent obstacle to adoption of the Paper-On-Demand Court paradigm (and the financial savings attendant to it) is how to handle requirements for permanent document retention.   The historical paradigm consisted of the requirement to keep the original document.  … Continue reading The Retention Dilemma